Hearth & Hobbies is a one-stop shop for job applicant resources that began as a passion project. As the Hearth & Hobbies family grows, it continues to be fueled by our founder, Emily's, passion for giving candidates the confidence to apply for the job, nail the interview, and step up into their full potential.


So why the name? In her Human Resources career, Emily has been dedicated to creating company cultures that flourish in the midst of proper work-life balance. Each of us goes to work every day for an array of reasons, but at Hearth & Hobbies, we think the most important reason to invest in a career you love is to actually be able to enjoy all the things you adore outside of your workplace, especially the memories you make in front of your hearth, and the fulfillment you receive from participating in your hobbies. 


We invite you to join the Hearth & Hobbies Family! We want you to invest in you and your confidence. We want you to know you're impressive as a person, and we want to give you the resources to be just as impressive as an applicant.

The Hearth & Hobbies Family
Image by Jessica Johnston



My name is Emily Fritz, and I’m the founder of Hearth & Hobbies. I’m originally from Butler, Pennsylvania, but currently live in the middle-of-nowhere, Alabama. My husband, Michael, is in the military, so every three years (or less), I’m tasked with moving to a new state, revamping my own resume, and applying for positions within a new job market. Believe me, I know how scary applying for new jobs can be! I have a Bachelor’s Degree in English from Stetson University and I work in Human Resources for a Fintech software company. I’m extremely passionate about making work suck less, and in my positions, I put a ton of emphasis and resources into employee appreciation and work-life balance initiatives.


Specializing in military to civilian transitions and first-time resumes, I pride myself in making you look as impressive on paper and in interviews as you are in real-life! I aim to bring out a candidate’s confidence and skills both in the interviews I conduct in person, as well as within the Hearth & Hobbies Family. As far as my own hearth and hobbies, if I’m not drinking a glass of red wine on my patio, I’m probably in the deep woods on a hike or looking at old motorcycles to buy. I’d like to personally invite you to join the Hearth & Hobbies Family, and I cannot wait to work with you.