A Note from Emily: We're Blowing Things Up

Updated: Jun 7

When we started Hearth & Hobbies, it was helping friends and family with their resumes on

nights and weekends. Since then, we’ve added interview consultations, career counseling, and Linkedin services to Hearth & Hobbies, we've helped customers in different countries and in 16 states and all of it brings us So. Much. Joy. The goal of Hearth & Hobbies has always been to try to be accessible to as many people who want our help as possible while trying to strike the balance of justifying the amount of time, energy, and love we put into every single client’s resume, career counseling session, and consultations. In all transparency, the structure of our current offerings isn’t striking that balance.

So, we’re blowing it up.

Our clients are the most successful when they participate in a career counseling session where we get to individually address their personal concerns, questions, and the unique situation they’re experiencing in their career. We have the opportunity to give them resources, tips, tricks, and HR insight that they’re able to directly apply to their next career move. I thoroughly believe that mindset shift and confidence are more valuable to our clients than any resume document. So, we’re moving away from being a resume service, and focusing much more on education, personal support, and providing new, up-to-date resources based on current market trends. Our company mission has always been to empower the workforce to expect more in their career search. We want employment to be more inclusive, psychologically safe, fun, and fulfilling, and we think the best way to get there is to help individual people, regardless of their location in the job market, gain career confidence through access to HR knowledge, industry tactics, as well as strategic resources. We think the way to do that is to focus more of our time, energy, and love directly on having those conversations with clients who want more from their careers.

So what does that mean for Hearth & Hobbies resume services? We’re still offering resume services!! We’ll be rolling out multiple resume templates for different job categories that will be editable and at a fraction of the cost of our current resume service. These templates are pre-filled with Hearth & Hobbies written job descriptions, and skills and are formatted in a Hearth & Hobbies created template. If you still want to pursue a custom, Hearth & Hobbies resume that is designed specifically for you, we’ll still be offering our “Brand New Resume,” but at a price that is much more in line with the amount of time, energy, and love that goes into these custom documents. In the resume industry, the average custom resume costs $527 with many costing well over $1,000, and often they’re written by folks who have never reviewed a resume, used an applicant tracking system, or hired someone (there’s a lot of bad information swirling out there). Our Brand New Resume will now be a $350 investment, and we promise it’s actually worth it. Our goal is not to make our resume services inaccessible to anyone, but rather to be realistic about the amount of time and resources we have available to us to provide each of our clients with a stellar, meaningful experience– this is the best way we know how to protect that space.

So, tell us about the good stuff?

Hearth & Hobbies is approaching its 2-year anniversary. We’ve had two years of client wins, hires, promotions, soul-searching, and most importantly, meaningful conversations. The job market has changed drastically in those two years, and we’re watching, in real-time, what happens when candidates are equipped with information, the right questions to ask, and the right tools to use (spoiler alert: the result is more money, better benefits, more time to spend at home and on their hobbies, and jobs that actually align with their values). WE ARE HYPED, and we want to share that. We’re going to be ramping up the Hearth & Hobbies blog to share more client wins, free resources, tips, tricks, and conversations with the Hearth & Hobbies community. We’ll be spending more time in 1:1 conversations via career counseling with our clients who are just as hyped as we are about the potential in their careers, and most importantly, we’re going to be focusing on growing this community so we can begin offering group classes. We want to have a classroom of people at all points in their careers talking about how to get to the next place they want to go (whatever that is), and we want to work together to help every one of you get there. We’re talking Linkedin trainings, resume writing events, networking, and hiring events– we want to go big, together, because the reality is knowing people matters, and y’all are really f*cking cool!

We’ve thought long and hard about the future of Hearth & Hobbies, and we think this is the right direction. At the end of the day, this community is why we do this, and we’re excited to spend more time together, making work suck less. If you’re here, thank you. We have a lot to celebrate and many ideas to pursue. All we want to do is find ways to build cool shit together, and if you’re up for that, we can’t wait to work with you.

With a ton of gratitude,


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