"Tell Me About Yourself:" Crafting Your Introduction Statement

One of the most important responses a candidate will give in an interview is, often times, the one most candidates gloss right over: “Tell me about yourself.” If you are preparing for a job interview, take the time to craft your introduction statement, and give yourself credit for being INTERESTING!

Take this time, and your interviewer’s attention, to give them a reason to remember you, but more importantly, give them a reason to like you! If I had a dime for every candidate who recited their entire resume off by heart, told me their age, where they were from, how many kids they have, and said “I don’t know, I’m not that interesting,” I would, quite literally, never have to work another day in my life, and, not to mention, I don’t remember a single one of those candidates’ names. However, I can tell you the name of a candidate I interviewed two years ago who smoked his own barbecue and competed across the country in barbecue competitions, because his favorite memories as a child were when his entire family gathered together for dinner. He told me that his passion for cooking stemmed from wanting to give that experience to others. Do you think we hired him? Yep.

Your introduction statement is one of the only times throughout the job search process where the ball is in your court. You are free to answer how you wish, focus on the things you’d like to focus on, and show your future employer how you perform without direct guidance. One of the greatest battles candidates have is trying to get the interviewer to “understand” them: their autobiography, their passions, their intentions, and their skills. This is your chance to create a roadmap for your interviewer: take them from your history, to your epiphanies, to your passions. Allow them the opportunity to become invested in your personality, your story, and your success.


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